PHP is the fastest climber in the Tiboe ranking in July 2013. This should mean something no? PHP is incredible used for web platforms and is very comfortable for developers. If you don't test it before, try it. If you are a usual, continue enjoying.

  • 3 Layer Architecture

    Butler is made with love and thinking in security and scalability. For this, we separate the public part, the vendor part and the application part, ensuring that every thing is in the correct place. Mum...where is my jacket?

  • Easy to Scale

    Butler use lots of design patterns and offers you a powerfull scale environment. ACL, multi-environment configuration files, routes file for manage your Friendly URL's... don't worry, all is already done.

  • Public on GitHub

    Where if not? GitHub offers to the developers community a perfect solution for share our codes. Butler is completely public and accepts critics, comments, pull-requests, stars...

  • Twitter Bootstrap

    ..and Twitter appears and save the developers that doesn't know what's the correct form to design a website. Bootstrap allows developers enjoy developing and save lots of time in the design part.

  • Extremely Lightweight

    The core of butler is made with less than 60 files and have a size of less than 125KB. It's true that is not the final size (near 5MB)...but you like to save time in design and have vendor libraries integrated, no?

  • 1,2,3...Ta-Chan!

    Butler isn't only a Framework. When we start to develop website, we view that some things needs to be developed for all the sites: An admin panel, a login & register form, a contact form, SEO... no worry, all is already done.

  • High Perfomance

    The hardware is very jealous. For this, all the time that we try to save for you, we ensure that we save for your servers. Request Cache, Request Compression and a extreme optimized Request to Response execution.

3 EASY steps to use Butler!

  • Offer more that you receive is better. Enjoy, listen, learn, and after, teach.
    Ivan García

    PHP Developer & Analyst

  • Calm, Patience and DRY. Nobody like to do the same again and again, right?
    Joan Masó

    PHP Developer & Analyst

  • Paddings, Margins, Borders...who cares? Is only CSS and lots of try and error.
    Pedro Aspiazu

    Web Designer

  • Permissions? Less is better. Alerts? More is better.
    Why "chmod -R 777"?
    Víctor Blázquez

    System Admin

Ready to start?

Now you have the information that you need for choose us as a solution. You need more? You can access to our wiki for continue learn about Butler. Thanks for visit us and if you like it...share it!

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